Example 2

What’s Wrong: Incorrect Ad Copy Theme & Layout of Text.

This ties with the oversize firm name in being a design mistake. Remember, yellow page ads are crucially different from other forms of advertising in that the buyer has already been convinced of a need to buy a particular service/item. Almost all traditional ads focus on creating a need. Guess what, the potential buyer is already aware of of the benefits of massage, otherwise he/she probably wouldn’t be thumbing through ads looking for a masseuse. With yellow page ads the need is already there in the buyer’s mind. This ad copy wastes precious ad space explaining why getting a therapeutic massage is so wonderful when the ad should have been focusing on the selling points of this massage therapist’s service.

Second issue: people don’t read yellow page ads like they do books….they scan chunks of text at a time rather than the normal linear progression of reading a sentence. It is much better to put blocks of your ad copy into bulleted lists and have short sentences rather than writing a traditional paragraph as written below.

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