Example 3

What’s Wrong: Poor Usage of Ad Space.

Okay, we’ve been fairly rough on this ad designer so we’ll slack off a bit. Let’s give an “A” for effort for putting the firm’s web address on the ad. This was the only commendable thing that was on the ad. A web site address linking to a nicely designed, informative web site is a great way to upsize your ad for no additional price. It can lead the buyer to additional information about your service and product.

Notice that the entire URL is listed: http://www.vistamassage.com. Remember that every tiny space on your ad is crucial and must be accounted for. Aren’t most people who surf the web already aware that you must type: “http://” before a web address? We could go further and even delete the “www” and just have: Vistamassage.com. I think most people would associate the “.com” suffix as referring to an Internet address. These extra letters take up extra space which could have been used for other, more informative purposes.

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