Yellow Page Ad Design

LD99 offers affordable yellow page ad design and newspaper advertising design. We use state-of-the-art technology to give you a sophisticated and high-impact ad to give you the best image possible in the competitive advertising environment. Our flat-rate price for services include:

  • design
  • copy editing
  • copy & design layout
  • providing necessary file formats
  • first concept designs ready in five business days
  • unlimited email and telephone consultations

Newspaper AdsDesign Offered in These Dimensions:

  • Double Fifth Column
  • Double Quarter Column
  • Triple Quarter Column
  • Double Half Column
  • Triple Half Column
  • Half Page (HP)
  • Three Quarter Page
  • Full Page (FP)


Focus on Yellow Page Ad Design: Tips and Advise

Interactive Feature: What Not to Do in Yellow Page Advertising Design

You should almost never allow your Yellow Page sales agent to design your ad. More often than not, they are not going to make an attempt to work with you to develop good advertising copy. Furthermore, they will probably not have the best art skills and might pressure you to accept tacky, clip-art designs. Remember, your sales agent is probably working on getting all the customers he/she can, as there is a commission involved. Never submit your ad without adequate proofing of the ad. 

Include as much text as you can accommodate while maintaining an attractive visual ad design. Effective visual imagery & copy can motivate people to buy. Remember than the copy is your primary focus. Never get too obsessed with the artwork in a yellow page ad. 

Always be honest in your ad design. . Avoid deceptive/misleading ads designed to generate maximum leads, this decision can come back to haunt you.

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