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Do you require full payment before you can start design?
No, we require a $99 deposit start the design work. The remaining balance is due when your logo is complete. 

Do you offer a money-back guarantee on your work?
Yes, if you are not satisfied with the initial design concepts and wish to cancel your order, the entire $99 deposit will be fully refunded. If further revisions/designs are requested beyond the first designs, this initial deposit cannot be refunded. 

How soon can work begin on my logo?
For credit card orders, we can begin immediately. If you pay by check, we need to receive payment before work can begin.

Once I place an order, exactly how does the process work?
We will gather some basic information from you about the design style, colors, or any other particulars about the desired logo.

Once we have gathered this info, we will begin design work by creating a series of logo samples. We will e-mail the logo samples to you in JPEG format so that you can see them directly in your email. We will keep creating samples until we can find a style that you like.

We can only accept orders where there are three or less people on your end involved in the design process. We cannot accept orders where there is a large group of people giving multiple directions on your end, as this makes finalizing a design impossible. Three or less people is fine. We also do not accept outsourcing orders from third-party graphic design firms. All other orders welcomed!

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Logo Design Requirements
What is the name of your firm as you want it to appear on your logo?

Do you have any specific ideas in mind for your new logo, or are you open to anything that looks good?

Briefly, describe what your firm does. This can help in the developement process.

Do you have a specific color combination in mind for the logo, or is this open?

Including yourself, how many people on your end will be involved in the logo design process?

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